Flatbush Zombies – “Headstone” Video

Flatbush Zombies have momentum on their side. Thanks to their reliably chaotic live performances and their swirling, psychedelic boom-bap sound, the Brooklyn rap trio have emerged as one of the most popular groups on the rap underground, a surefire festival favorite whose records hold together than they probably should. Last month, they announced the impending album Vacation In Hell, the follow-up to 2016’s impressive 3001: A Laced Odyssey. And today, they’ve got the new video for “Headstone,” the first track we’ve heard from their album.

“Headstone” is a nasty song, a sinister anthem that takes the flickering, muttery sound of early-’90s New York horrorcore and makes it urgent and current. Group member Erick “The Architect” Elliot produced the track, and the beat hammers in evocative ways. And the group’s three rappers make constant allusions to rap classics without ever sounding beholden to any of them.

Flatbush Zombies have been making consistently great videos since we first met them. And the gritty black-and-white “Headstone” video, from director Luke Monaghan, fits nicely into that legacy, even if it’s low on the fantastical elements that the group loves. Check it out below.

Vacation In Hell is out 4/6.