Code Orange – “only1(the hard way)”

Last month Pittsburgh hardcore punk rockers Code Orange shared their first single since releasing their explosive third album, Forever, in 2017. The track, titled “Only One Way,” is an exercise in thrashing arena rock and appears on this year’s Adult Swim’s Single Series.

Today they add to their Adult Swim contribution with a thundering remix of that song. “only1(the hard way)” takes the original, already punishing track and intensifies it with a thick layer of doom. Distorted, crunchy bass crashes down at full-throttle, surrounding whisper-shouts and scratchy howls. The overall sonic terror is interspersed with electronic video game-like rhythms, the kind you might also expect from one of those laser obstacle course scenes in a secret agent movie.

“Keeping a unique creative energy in every aspect of Code Orange is something we are always thinking about and it’s what drives me personally. This song was a great opportunity for me to portray my alternate vision of the song and for us to bridge the gap with other genres and artists we are influenced by. We are constantly evolving and we’re going to keep pushing the boundaries of our band,” guitarist, vocalist, and remix-master Shade told The FADER. Listen to the furious track below.

Forever is out now on Roadrunner.

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