Wavves & Culture Abuse – “Big Cloud”

Have you been paying attention to the San Francisco punk band Culture Abuse? Because you should! Back in 2016, they released their debut LP Peach, an album full of catchy, tuneful riff-ragers that immediately marked them as one of the best bands on the DIY underground. But they’re not really underground anymore. Last year, they signed with Epitaph and released their single “So Busted,” one of my favorite rock songs of last year. They are great! Keep up!

Another thing that Culture Abuse did last year: They went out on tour with the similarly snotty, similarly tuneful Wavves. The combination made so much sense that the two band recorded a collaborative track called “Up And Down” together. And now they’ve got another one.

“Big Cloud” is a sticky, bouncy power-pop jam. It’s more of a Culture Abuse song than a Wavves one, but its sense of stoned breeziness is right in both bands’ sweet spots. It’s not the greatest thing you’ll hear from either band, and “Up And Down” is probably a better example of what both bands do well. But “Big Cloud” is worth your time regardless. Check it out below.

“Big Cloud” is out now at iTunes.