Kraus – “Bum”

Will Kraus is a Texas musician specializing in very intense shoegaze. When he released the excellent (and excellently named) “Pitch Fucker” two years ago, there was mention of some tangential connection to Maggie Rogers, but the sounds emanating from this guy’s records could not be more different from Rogers’ signature blend of coffeehouse folk and minimal electronics.

I used some colorful language to describe that song’s parent album, End Tomorrow. Apparently calling it “a bombastic technicolor headfuck built from insane drums, celestial dreampop surges, and heavily processed vocals” did not satisfy my hunger for hyperbole because by the next sentence I was calling it “a cocktail of My Bloody Valentine, Lightning Bolt, and Youth Lagoon coming at you with the force of a waterfall.” I don’t regret it, either. Shit was good.

Another fine example of this guy’s talents is “Bum,” the latest single from his upcoming album Path. Like “Reach” before it, the song finds Kraus barreling through beautiful explosions of noise and melody, not reinventing the wheel but spinning it with skillful fervor. I recommend checking it out, and what do you know, it’s embedded below for just such a purpose.

Path is out 3/9 on Terrible. Pre-order it here.

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