The Voidz – “All Wordz Are Made Up” Video

No lie, I wake up every day wondering when Julian Casablancas is gonna drop a new single from his upcoming Voidz album, Virtue. Part of this is idle curiosity, part is paranoia: I’ve heard the whole record, and now, I just want excuses to write about it. And I know that if he doesn’t give me a little advance warning, I’m gonna lose one of my chances.

Anywaze, today I wake to find a new Voidz single dropped at midnight — surprise! — meaning I missed my goddamn chance. Gahhhh. BUT WAIT. There is ALSO the video, which arrived sometime around 3AM: late enough to be ignored by the whole freaking entire universe. BUT NOT ME. (Or, like, people who live in Australia.) The song is “All Wordz Are Made Up,” and guyz? I have so many thoughts about this. In a perfect world, I’d have been given a week to write this thing. Instead, I have five minutes.

So here we go, lightning round: The verse is built on a beat that is, like, basically an unaltered “Mambo” percussion setting on a Casio CT-401 or something. It is BANANAS. And the robot melody on the verse is on some Devo shit. And then that motherfucking chorus … I have been trying to talk to my co-workers about this chorus for three months, and I can’t put it into words. It’s like … Julian is singing the chorus from some imaginary late-period U2 song, right? Not “great” U2 and and not “horrible” U2, but just the real mediocre stuff. Except, via his insane ugly-chic genius (and, y’know, his incredible gifts as a songwriter in general), Julian makes it fucking awesome? Friendz, I admit: It’s hard to explain! But I goddamn love it.

OK my five minutes are up. One note on the video: This thing obviously had to drop at 3AM, because this is the most 3AM shit I have ever seen in my life. Watch.

Virtue is out 3/30 via RCA.