Rich Homie Quan – “The Author”

It may seem odd that, almost five years after “Type Of Way” helped him blow up and a full 10 since “Stay Down” initiated his career, Rich Homie Quan is just now releasing his official debut album Rich As In Spirit. But the concept of the Official Debut Album in rap has become so convoluted that many rappers never get around to releasing one; their output is just a steady stream of loosely defined “projects” trickling backwards into obscurity — or is that infinity?

Rich Homie’s former Rich Gang cohort Young Thug, for instance, has been teasing Hy!£UN35, his own Official Debut Album, for almost three years now with no release date in sight and has dropped quite a few full-lengths in the interim. Nipsey Hussle just released his Official Debut Album Victory Lap a whopping 13 years after his first mixtape and a decade after the Bullets Ain’t Got No Name series put him on the rap-blog radar. And let’s no even talk about Jay Electronica.

But let’s definitely talk about Rich Homie, who has been responsible for a generous handful of sing-songy post-Future hits in his day. He kind of disappeared there for a while after 2015 smash “Flex,” and I wondered if we’d ever heard from him again. It’s gratifying, then, to know he’s got an album on the way and is making quality Quan-core jams once again.

Did you hear “Changed“? That was a highly melodious, highly enjoyable Rich Homie Quan song. We apparently missed “34” when it dropped last week, but I’m enjoying hearing him go to work over a beat from the zonked-out Metro Boomin school of trap music. And now he’s back with another winsomely hooky would-be hit called “The Author.” “Might buy the house I grew up in just to say I bought it,” he boasts — so, rich as in money, too? Enjoy it below along with the aforementioned “34.”

Rich As In Spirit is out 3/18 on Motown. Pre-order it here.