Wet – “There’s A Reason”

Wet’s debut Don’t You was heavily anticipated. Now, after releasing a couple more singles in 2016 and more recently featuring on a Rostam track, the Brooklyn-based indie pop trio is ready to give us more.

Details on Wet’s sophomore record have yet to be revealed, but they are sharing a new track today to hold you over. According to a press release, “There’s A Reason” was produced by Wet’s Joseph Valle of Wet alongside Andrew Sarlo. There is no mention of third member Marty Sulkow.

If Wet’s membership has changed slightly, so has the band’s sound. The bubbly, self-assured “There’s A Reason” embraces the uncertainty that was felt to be more daunting in tracks like “Deadwater” and “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.” “There’s a reason you’re by my side,” Kelly Zutrau sings. “There’s a reason we’re gonna be holding out for this record.” It’s brighter and more energetic than we’ve come to expect from this band. Hear for yourself below.

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