Stream Wet Don’t You

Wet’s Don’t You has been a long time coming. The crystalline soft-pop trio shared lead single “Deadwater” more than nine months ago, and since then we’ve heard “You’re The Best,” “Weak,” “Losing All We Knew,” “It’s All In Vain,” and “All The Ways.” Now, at long last, the album is here, and it’s as pretty as you’d expect. Here’s how I summed it up in a recent Week In Pop column:

Don’t You is a gentle shimmer extended to album length, one of the most conventionally pretty depictions of tenderness and yearning in recent memory. This is a band who understand exactly what they are and have gotten exceptionally good at manifesting it: Misty synth mirages, booming bass swells, and Kelly Zutrau’s delicate yet commanding vocals combine to slay you every time. Wet’s form, function, and mood never deviate — it’s just track after track of gorgeously sighing music that find strength in fragility.

Stream Don’t You in full below.

Don’t You is out today on Columbia. Purchase it here.

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