Wet – “Losing All We Knew” + “Chasing Pavements” (Adele Cover)

Wet have just shared “Losing All We Knew,” the B-side to the trio’s latest single “Weak,” which has been getting a steady stream of remixes over the last few weeks. The track’s even more minimal than their characteristically sparse construction — mostly just Kelly Zutrau’s pained vocals and some bubbly percussion. Maybe it’s a little slight in terms of the Wet tracks we’ve heard so far but, hello, I’m pretty sure this band can do no wrong. “I could give my life if it wasn’t for you,” Zutrau sings, and later: “I don’t want to be alone/ Just hold me, hold me, hold me close.” It acts as a nice companion piece to “Weak,” treading along the thematic territory, but it’s unclear if it’ll appear on their upcoming full-length debut, Don’t You. Listen to it below.

Also check out their recent cover of Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”:

Don’t You is out 1/29 via Columbia.

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