Anderson .Paak – “‘Til It’s Over”

Last night, Apple shared a new commercial for its HomePod, an imaginative and trippy affair from the legendary music-video director Spike Jonze. In the clip, FKA twigs dances through her apartment while using her dream-powers to twist it into new shapes. And all the while, she dances to “‘Til It’s Over,” a new song from the scarily talented young California soul-music auteur Anderson .Paak.

More than just about any headline-grabbing, name-heavy commercial, that Apple commercial demands your attention, at least if you care about music videos. But “‘Til It’s Over” is a good enough song that it demands attention on its own. The song represents Anderson .Paak at his most approachable, his helium rasp flitting delicately through a stuttering, vaguely footwork-indebted dance track.

“‘Til It’s Over” may or may not have been made with that Apple commercial in mind. But if it was, then it represents a best-case scenario for giant corporations acting as patrons of the arts — a troubling prospect that can nevertheless lead to some good music. The song is a fleet, liquid throwback jam, presented with heart and gusto by someone who already feels like a massive star even if the numbers don’t back it up yet. Anderson .Paak is a man built for summer festivals, and “‘Til It’s Over” is going to sound great coming from those big stages. It’s an Apple Music exclusive for now, and you can hear it below.

Anderson .Paak’s backing band the Free Nationals are reportedly working on an album of their own.