Katie Dey – “Magic Doors” (Portishead Cover)

Katie Dey – “Magic Doors” (Portishead Cover)

“how long can i distract myself from finishing my album by recording covers,” Katie Dey asked in a recent tweet. Well, Katie, while a follow-up to 2016’s excellent Flood Network would be very much appreciated, as long as your covers keep being this good, you can do whatever the hell you want. In the past week, the Australian artist has posted covers of Coma Cinema and Girls Rituals.

Her latest is a transformation of Portishead’s “Magic Doors,” off the band’s 2008 album Third. Dey shares a lot of sonic framework with Portishead already, this song especially, so it’s not too much of a departure from the original, but she does liven the track up a bit with a staticky beat in place of the band’s more subdued one, and her more emphatic vocals make it feel like there’s multitudes in every overprocessed gap. Listen below.

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