Arcade Fire’s “Money + Love” Is A Double Music Video Co-Starring Toni Collette

Remember Everything Now? Arcade Fire’s fifth full-length album feels like it came out a long time ago — not so long that the band is due for another LP, but long enough that it’s weird they’re playing Saturday Night Live next week. But perhaps the band will have new music to share for the show?

One might ascertain that’s what’s afoot after the band released a new video clip this afternoon teasing something called “Money + Love.” Or maybe they’re merely releasing a joint video for “Put Your Money On Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love,” two of the better Everything Now tracks, which appear consecutively on the album. That’s probably the smarter bet, given that the Everything Now branding remains intact in this preview footage. Whatever they’re hinting at, it’s officially “coming soon,” so get ready.

UPDATE 3/12: The band has shared a new “Money + Love” teaser confirming it’s a double music video. It stars all members of Arcade Fire plus Toni Collette and is premiering this Thursday, 3/15. Here’s the new teaser:

Arcade Fire’s SNL appearance is 3/17 on an episode hosted by SNL alum Bill Hader. While we’re here, did you ever listen to my appearance discussing Everything Now and its attendant media circus on the New York Times Popcast? I thought it turned out pretty well.

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