Watch Arcade Fire’s “Money + Love” Short Film

The Everything Now saga has not ended yet. Arcade Fire’s fifth album came with a whole elaborate rollout, a complicated plotline about a mysterious corporation that was controlling everything. As satire goes, it wasn’t especially subtle. But Arcade Fire have kept with it, and now they’ve built a whole 16-minute short film out of its basic idea.

Last week, the band teased Money + Love, the new short film that they made with director David Wilson. It’s out online now, and it’s a sort of double music video, on that includes the songs “Put Your Money On Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love,” which appear back-to-back on Everything Now. In the clip, the great Australian actress Toni Collette plays a representative of the Everything Now corporation, who starts out the video by signing the bankrupt band to an exploitative contract.

The clip starts out full-on satirical, with the band members forced to endorse cars and all-marshmallow cereals and to perform at a casino full of bored high-rollers. Eventually, it becomes a heist movie, and then a prison movie, and then a very long and silent credits sequence. You can watch the whole thing below.

Everything Now is out now, and Arcade Fire will be musical guests on Saturday Night Live this weekend. I’d say there’s a 40% chance there will be some kind of comedy skit based on the Everything Now corporation.