House Of Feelings – “Disco Lights”

In the heat of last summer, the New York-based dance collective known as House Of Feelings released their debut Last Chance EP. It featured guest spots from the likes of Shamir, Meredith Graves, and GABI, and it had a whole lot of strobe lite-ready songs that pulled from the city’s long and storied history of club music. Today, they’re unveiling a new single called “Disco Lights” ahead of the group’s latest Baby’s All Night dance party, which will take place this Friday at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. It was written by Matty Fasano and Joe Fassler as a love letter to late ’70s disco, and it’s sultry and swirling, centered around a beckoning voice urging you to come see these disco lights. It’s an invitation that’s hard to turn down.

Here’s Fassler on the new track:

It takes time. We came to New York years ago, more time than a mind can hold. Too young to know better. Too drunk to tune our guitars. But you don’t come for the same reasons you stay. It takes time to sort real life out from your wishes. You can’t know why you ran away until you go. “Disco Lights” is a love letter to New York and its sounds, music made by misfits under the skyline, the city always visible in the distance like a West End Records sleeve. Their city is not our city, but their hearts beat like our heart. They sang about this place over the distance, and now we live there.

Listen below.

“Disco Lights” is out 3/21 via Infinite Best.