Adam Ackerman – “Four Notes”

Sorority Noise guitarist Adam Ackerman is announcing his first foray into solo music under his own name, just as his main band is gearing up for an extended hiatus. Ackerman’s debut album is called Autobiologist and comes out in a few weeks, and today he’s sharing the tender “Four Notes” from it. It borders on theatrical, in the way that Ackerman gently unfolds and wraps up a narrative in its four-and-a-half minutes, while still feeling like just a chapter in a much longer book.

The song acts as an explanation for the unexplainable, a mapping of Ackerman’s gradually more comfortable emotional state, coupled with the inability to reach out to the person he wants to tell about how much better he’s doing. “If I were writing you, I’d hope you would be proud of how I fought off demons and the person that I’d found in my head that was buried back when I was in school,” he sings, each line bleeding into the next. “So I will not be writing you,” he repeats throughout, but towards the end he acknowledges that the song itself is the vessel for closure. Listen below.

01 “315”
02 “Four Notes”
03 “Always”
04 “Believe”
05 “Side Effects”
06 “In Motion”
07 “Believe (Reprise)
08 “Don’t Worry About Me”
09 “All I Have”

Autobiologist is out 4/6 via Flower Girl Records. Pre-order it here.