Jawbreaker Talk Plans For New Music On Going Off Track Podcast

We now live in a world where the phrase “Jawbreaker reunion” is an actual reality and not just a jokey band name. The ’90s punk legends recently announced another string of shows in the wake of last year’s handful of reunion dates, and they might even have some new music on the way.

Frontman Blake Schwarzenbach revealed as much during an appearance on the new episode of Jonah Bayer, Benny Horowitz, Steven Smith, and Brad Worrell’s Going Off Track podcast, as BrooklynVegan reports. “Our summer is just gonna be trying to write, jam,” he said. “What we really wanna do is just riff out and see what comes. I’m spending the next month writing at home, and then we’re gonna converge in San Francisco and go in a studio and see what happens … I like the more band-like jams that we have or ‘Jet Black’ or songs like that, that could only be as a unit.”

The decision to write new music, Schwarzenbach adds, is “For our own excitement. We can’t keep playing these same songs. I mean, they’re wonderful for people who have not seen it — we’re lucky there are people that wanna see it — but we need some new songs to make it exciting.”

You can listen to the whole episode, which also features appearances from Brian Baker and Laura Stevenson, here.