Leon Bridges – “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand” Video

Leon Bridges made himself into a big draw with the fully realized 2015 soul-revival debut Coming Home. He’ll follow it up next month with the new album Good Thing, and he seems to be pushing into some new directions on it. Last month, he shared two new singles, “Bad Bad News” and “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand,” both of which pulled in some new influences while keeping Bridges’ voice largely intact. And now the videos for those two songs are also showing new contexts for Bridges.

Bridges already shared the “Bad Bad News” video, which was shot like a psychological horror movie from the ’70s and which told the story about a woman who was possessed by Bridges’ dancing. Today, he’s got a clip for “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand.” And while it finds him once again working with “Bad Bad News” director Natalie Rae, it’s got a whole different vibe to it.

The “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand” video opens with a shot of Bridges slowly floating above a grey, rainy cityscape. And in the rest of the video, he appears to different people who look, in one way or another sad and lonely. It’s not clear whether they can see or sense him there, but it is clear that he’s offering them comfort. It’s a nice complement to a lovely ballad of a song, and you can watch it below.

Good Thing is out 5/4 on Columbia.