Kevin Krauter – “Rollerskate”

Kevin Krauter, a member of the Indiana indie-rockers Hoops, is carving out a nice little solo career for himself. We posted his tracks “Bachelor” and “Fantasy Theme” a couple years back, and today he’s announcing his debut LP for Bayonet Records. It’s an ideal pairing of artist and label considering Krauter and Hoops operate in the same reverb-laden guitar-pop realm as Beach Fossils, whose Dustin Payseur runs Bayonet.

Krauter’s previous solo work was actually mostly acoustic, but he’s stepping back into his other band’s glorious gauzy reverie on Toss Up, his new solo album. I don’t mean to belabor this comparison, but “Rollerskate,” the project’s lead single, is exactly the sort of blissed-out shimmer that made Beach Fossils’ 2017 album Somersault such a delight; you may also catch Clientele or Yo La Tengo vibes. This one glides ahead gracefully and gently, its carefully crafted arrangement unfolding kaleidoscopically just beyond the surface of the mirage. Listen below.

01 “Cowboy Chloe”
02 “Lonely Boogie”
03 “Rollerskate”
04 “Suddenly”
05 “Restless”
06 “Keep Falling In Love”
07 “Who Do You Know”
08 “Barely On My Mind”
09 “Toss Up”

Toss Up is out 6/15 on Bayonet. Pre-order it here.