Chromeo – “Must’ve Been” (Feat. DRAM) Video

Chromeo, veteran Canadian creators of squelchy ’80s-style robo-synth-funk, have finally unveiled the details of Head Over Heels, their fifth album. They’re coming back in June, just in time for festival season. We’ve posted their early tracks “Juice” and “Bedroom Calling,” and now they’ve also come out with a third single called “Must’ve Been.” It’s also got a reliably cartoonish video that shows both members of Chromeo getting involved in the same domestic argument.

Given how much Chromeo draw on R&B influences, it’s encouraging to see that they seem to be on a kick of working with actual no-joke R&B artists. After duetting with The-Dream on “Bedroom Calling,” they’ve brought raspy Virginian soul howler DRAM into the fold for “Must’ve Been.” It’s a lithe, sticky track about being stuck on somebody else to the point that you feel high. And while DRAM might not be a natural collaborator for this duo, his rough vocals make a nice contrast for Dave 1’s smoothness.

On Instagram, Chromeo also point out another collaborator on the track. “Must’ve Been” has guitars from Jesse Johnson, original guitarist of Minneapolis funk legends the Time and producer of people like Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul. So if that old-school slickness feels a little more genuine than usual, maybe we’ve got Johnson to thank. Check out the “Must’ve Been” video below.

Head Over Heels is out 6/15 on Big Beat/Atlantic.

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