Sorority Noise’s Cameron Boucher Denies Rape Accusation

Sorority Noise’s Cameron Boucher has responded to an accusation of rape made last night on social media. The accuser, Nicole Schoenholz of One Hundred Year Ocean and formerly the World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, posted the allegation to Facebook and it was quickly shared on Reddit. Though the allegation did not directly name Boucher (his initials are used), it referenced the fact that Sorority Noise recently announced their hiatus and alluded to him in the comments section. The Facebook post has since been deleted.

In the Reddit thread, a user who claims to be Schoenholz refers to Boucher by name: “My friend stayed the night with Cam while he was in college and she woke up to Cam fucking her while she was asleep. This isn’t a unique situation or one off ‘missed step.'”

Boucher has denied the allegation. Read his statement below.

I am aware of the Facebook post that Nicole Schoenholz made late last night that has made its way to Reddit and other social media.

I would like to firmly state that her accusations are false.

I take accusations of sexual violence and nonconsent very seriously. Since last night, I have taken the time to have honest conversations with previous intimate partners and given them the room to share if they had any experiences with me that were nonconsensual or disrespectful in any way.

Following those dialogues, I can confirm that the accusations against me are baseless.

Please know I have handled with as much care and respect as possible. Thank you for reading this.

Sorority Noise are currently on the final leg of their tour in the UK before they go on hiatus.