Trouble & Drake – “Bring It Back (Tyler, The Creator Remix)”

Late last month, Tyler, The Creator shared a “throwaway song” called “OKRA,” his second loosie (following “Ziploc“) since releasing the messy, deeply personal album (Scum Fuck) Flower Boy last year. And now he’s come through with another one-off: a remix of “Bring It Back,” Atlanta street-rap veteran Trouble’s recent collaboration with Drake, which just got a new music video last month.

“so um, Travis ( taco) played me this song last week and the pocket of the snare and kick drum had me like wow,” Tyler explained on Twitter. “then i heard the guy rap, trouble is his name, and i was like wow i love this song.“ face timed mike will and was like wow this song, and he sent the instrumental and i was like bet, this will be fun. so i might just start adding verses to songs i like cause fuck it why not. such a weird beat but i love it hope you enjoy it was fun holla.”

The original song works in large part because of Atlanta superproducer Mike Will Made-It’s minimal, insinuating beat, and on his remix, Tyler speeds the whole thing up and adds a verse of his own. Listen to his version below.