DJ Koze – “Pick Up”

Next month, DJ Koze, the veteran German master of warm, humid, meticulously assembled minimal dance music, is coming back with the new album Knock Knock, his long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s much-loved Amygdala. Given the way Koze puts albums together, we can practically guarantee a smooth, zoned-out long-player that will sound great in the background but that will also be full of intricate little details, should you decide to give it a deeper focus.

We’ve posted the first single “Seeing Aliens” and the Róisín Murphy collab “Illumination.” And the album comes packed with big-name guests, including Bon Iver, José González, Lambchop frontman Kurt Wagner, and, most randomly, Speech, onetime leader of early-’90s boho-rap stars Arrested Development.

“Pick Up,” the latest track that Koze has shared, has no credited guests, but it does have vocals. I don’t know whether they’re sampled or recorded specifically for this. It’s a stirring, starry-eyed house track that sprawls out over a leisurely six minutes. And over all that, a restrained house-diva vocal murmurs about a breakup. It’s a gorgeously heady song that still works as dance music, and it’s the last of the Knock Knock singles that Koze plans to share before teh album is out. Listen to it below.

Knock Knock is out 5/4 on Pampa Records.

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