Sibille Attar – “Paloma”

On the first couple singles from her upcoming Paloma’s Hand EP — especially the resplendent “I Don’t Have To” — Stockholm’s Sibille Attar reasserted her mastery of blown-out, sun-dazed psychedelic pop. The EP’s quasi-title track “Paloma” is here today, and it rules as well.

Attar is a gifted singer and songwriter, but her astounding production work throughout the EP in particular puts her in league with legends. If “I Don’t Have To” was like an old Phil Spector production revamped by modern psych maximalist Dave Fridmann, “Paloma” most reminds me of Panda Bear’s take on that pristine retro pop sound.

Or at least the vocals resemble Noah Lennox at his post-Pet Sounds best — the rest of the song is more like powering through a war zone in the Soft Bulletin universe, gorgeous explosions erupting all around. Attar’s voice bursts across the mix in a torrent of harmony while the music booms and fizzes as if caught in an echo chamber. Guitars cascade. Keyboards rise like mist. Drumrolls thunder across the frame. It’s magnificent. Listen up.

Paloma’s Hand is out 4/27 on PNKSLM. Pre-order it here.