Sibille Attar – “I Don’t Have To” & “RUN”

Sibille Attar – “I Don’t Have To” & “RUN”

We last checked in with Sibille Attar five years ago, when she released the indie-pop gem “Come Night.” The France-born, Sweden-based singer has a new EP called Paloma’s Hand coming out this year, and its first two singles signal it’s time to pay attention again.

“I Don’t Have To,” the opening track, is a buoyant girl-group pop song with instrumentation that leaps out of the speakers so vibrantly that the band seems to be playing in the same room with you. It sounds like an old Phil Spector production built from Radiohead’s “Reckoner” drums and infused with a 21st-century indie sensibility. The way Attar exclaims “I don’t have to!” is joyously defiant.

The other new track, “RUN,” is darker and slower, marked by mournful strings and an eerie refrain: “I need to get out of this house/ I have to get out of here.” Check out both songs below.

Paloma’s Hand is out 4/27 on PNKSLM. Pre-order it here.

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