My Bloody Valentine EPs Pegged For Summer ’18, Spring ’19 Release

I realize today is the day we all get excited about the two new Kanye West releases in the pipeline, but I’d wager Kanye himself is equally excited for the pair of EPs My Bloody Valentine have on the way.

We’ve known Kevin Shields and company had new music on the way since late 2017, when he began talking about an “all over the place” new album. Earlier this year he clarified that it would actually be a pair of EPs — or at least MBV would release the EPs and then their album. Or something. As is often the case with this band, it wasn’t fully clear.

This much was clear: Two My Bloody Valentine EPs coming in hot! Sometime in the future. Which by Kevin Shields standards may be decades away. Still: Two EPs! From bloody My Bloody Valentine!

Now, an interview with the UK magazine Sound On Sound provides further clarity. Here goes: “Kevin Shields has now turned his attention to two new My Bloody Valentine EPs — one to be released this summer, a second to come next spring.” That’s it. That’s all. No further info at this time. Still, the promise of basking in some new god-level shoegaze this summer is mighty appealing — you know, assuming the first EP comes out when it’s supposed to. About which… well, you know.

Thanks to Joshua Copperman for the tip!