FIDLAR – “Alcohol”

Los Angeles punk rockers FIDLAR have been missing in action for a little while. Their last album was Too, which came out way the hell back in 2015. A three-year break between albums isn’t that song, but when you’re dealing with a band whose stock in trade is sloppy, youthful abandon, it suddenly feels a lot longer. FIDLAR haven’t stopped playing live, and they’ve cranked out a few one-off songs, including a Nirvana cover earlier this year, but that break between albums is the kind of thing that might lead you to wonder if you’re going to see a whole new band when they finally do return.

Nope! This morning, FIDLAR have come screaming back with “Alcohol,” a new song that’s just as raw and unconfined and goofily fun as the band has ever been. “Alcohol” is not, as it turns out, a Brad Paisley cover, though I would be pretty interested in hearing that. Instead — like FIDLAR’s kinda-classic banger “Cheap Beer” — it’s an ode to the fuck-you-up effects of drink.

Sample lyrics from this one: “I’m sure I’ve got it figured out, but I really don’t know / I love waking up in some random’s home.” And the chorus, which is just the word “Aaaaaalcohol” hollered almost tunelessly, is built for beers-up singalongs. Listen to the track below.

“Alcohol” is out now at iTunes. There’s no word of an album yet, but this sure feels like a first single.

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