Kanye West Affirms “I Do Love Donald Trump”

Late in 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president, Kanye West visited Trump at Trump Tower in New York, posing for him with photos. This came shortly after West claimed, during one of his shows, that he would’ve voted for Trump if he had bothered to vote. This came around the time West was hospitalized, so many fans were content to write this off as some kind of mental break, especially with West about to return with a whole lot of new music. But West’s political feelings apparently have not changed at all since that photo op.

Over the weekend, while West was tweeting about all the new projects that he has coming out, he tweeted in support of conservative pundit Candace Owens: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” He also tweeted a lot of vague things about “global consciousness” and “the psychological zombie effect.” And when rap radio personality Ebro Darden spoke directly to Kanye about this stuff, Darden claims that West directly said, “I do love Donald Trump.”

Darden hasn’t shared an audio of that conversation, but he did speak about it on the radio this morning. Here’s how Darden recounts his conversation with West:

We went back and forth about a number of things. I told him I thought he was corny for cash. Being in the lobby of Trump Tower, I thought that was a coon move, cooning for cash. And he was like, “Why, you think I’m gonna make more money because I’m saying the things I’m saying?” I said, “Yes, because the bankers and the executives and the right-wing folks and the audience that wants to hear a black man say these things, to separate himself from other black people will celebrate that…

Then he said, “I do love Donald Trump.” Kanye West. Quote. “I do love Donald Trump.”

Ebro recalled West saying he felt “demonized.” He went on to quote West, “Nobody really showed love for me when I was addicted to opioids and in the hospital.”

Here’s video of the whole segment on Kanye:

West, meanwhile, has spent much of the day posting videos from Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams on his Twitter, including this video, about how Trump’s understanding of history means that he is not in “the mental prison”:

Also, Alex Jones has invited West onto his show:

And this video about how West endorsing Candace Owens “ripped a hole in reality”:

We need to mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility of a Kanye West album of pro-Trump music.