Watch Lily Allen Sing A Heartfelt, Haunted “Three” On Seth Meyers

It’s been four years since the UK pop star Lily Allen released Sheezus, her last album. But in a couple of months, she’s coming back with the new one No Shame. Last month, she shared a couple of new singles, one of which, “Three,” is a sort of personalized “Cats In The Cradle,” a ballad sung from the point of view of Allen’s young child, begging her not to spend so much time away. It’s a sad, heavy, gorgeous song. Last night, Allen was the musical guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and she just sang the hell out of “Three.”

Allen isn’t a power singer, so she wasn’t hitting huge notes or anything on “Three.” Instead, she’s got a real gift for communication. And singing “Three,” without making a big show out of it, she got across all the love and sadness that comes with being a working parent, with missing your kid while you’re out making the money that the kid’s going to need.

Allen sang the song on a bare stage, with only a pianist and a bass player backing her up. There were definitely some backing tapes in there, as well, which was a bit distracting. But it’s still a simple, bare presentation of a lovely song, and Allen got a whole lot across with that performance. Watch it below.

No Shame is out 6/8.