Nile Rodgers Shared A Bloody Video Of Him Breaking His Nose

Disco innovator and pop-music genius Nile Rodgers has already survived cancer, the cocaine era, and about a million snubs from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It’s clear that a little thing like a broken nose isn’t going to bother him too much. In fact, he is perfectly happy to make fun of himself in public even after wiping out and leaving blood all over his studio floor.

Rodgers — the founder of club-music institution Chic and the producer behind world-changing hits from people like David Bowie, Madonna, and Diana Ross — has long maintained a charmingly self-effacing social media presence. And so when he tripped on a stair and splattered himself on his own floor, he went ahead and shared a video of his fall with the whole world.

Rodgers is going to be OK. On Twitter, while posting a photo of himself bloodied on the ground, Rodgers reassured everyone, “Here: I have a foldable ice pack and have already stopped the bleeding. When I arrived at the hospital the Dr. said, ‘I did everything right.'” He also had someone film him as he began to recover, and then he posted that video on Facebook. Here it is:

Chic’s new album About Time is on the way, and it’ll have some big-name guests.