Miguel – “Come Through And Chill” (Feat. J. Cole) Video

Have you seen Miguel live lately? It’s staggering how good that guy is at being a professional entertainer. A few weeks ago, he played a packed mid-sized club in my sleepy little town, and he treated it like it was an arena. He’s got an intricately choreographed, magnificently staged live show, and even though I get the impression that it’s exactly the same from night to night, it’s still a hell of a thing to witness. He carries himself as a star at all times, no matter where he is.

That’s also true of Miguel’s new video for “Come Through And Chill,” one of the singles from his impressive late-2017 album War & Leisure. The song features J. Cole, who recently came back with his own new album and who utters the immortal line “you been on my mind like Kaepernick kneeling.” Cole spends his time in Miguel’s video talking on a payphone, an interesting choice. But Miguel is the one who gets to be a star.

Miguel spends the video’s storyline attempting to juggle relationships with multiple women, like he was Zack Morris or something. That ploy never seemed to work out well for Zack, but it works out just fine for Miguel. It works out great, even. Watch it below, via The FADER.

War & Leisure is out now on ByStorm Entertainment/RCA.

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