CupcakKe – “Quiz”

Late last night, CupcakKe blessed us with a new track, “Quiz,” her first single since the excellent Ephorize came out at the beginning of the year. The Chicago rapper says it was produced by PC Music, though it’s unclear who in the collective had a hand in it. Either way, it’s the third time she’s appeared on top of a PC Music beat, following her past two Charli XCX collaborations “Lipgloss” and “I Got It,” but the first time she’s worked with them on a song of her very own. And CupcakKe leaves her mark all over “Quiz,” which goes hard as hell over a beat that’s pure energy. Choice line: “I got so much money up on the line/ I had to put that shit on three-way/ Up in your DM, ain’t nobody buyin’/ Now you sell pussy on eBay.” Listen to it below.

UPDATE (4/30): Turns out the track wasn’t produced by anyone affiliated with PC Music. “Um don’t laugh at me but I thought pc music was a sound not a person lmao but I just found out,” she said on Twitter. “Quiz” was actually co-produced by Turreekk.

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