Watch Father John Misty Perform With The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus On The Tonight Show

Father John Misty might not be talking to the press about his forthcoming album God’s Favorite Customer. He is, however, engaging in all the other promotional activities that you might expect an artist of the Mist’s stature to have to do when he’s got a new album coming out. That includes showing up on a late-night talk show to sing a song and to shake the host’s hand. And that’s what Father John Misty did last night.

On The Tonight Show, the Mist sang “Mr. Tillman,” the growing-on-me-all-the-time single from the new album. In the past, Josh Tillman has used late-night shows to stage elaborate stunts or to subtly work against the sorts of rituals we all expect; remember when he debuted “Bored In The USA” on Letterman? But last night, he didn’t try any of that. Instead, he gave a relatively straightforward late-night performance.

This time, what set Tillman’s performance apart was sheer loveliness. On The Tonight Show, the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus backed up Tillman, lending lush choral harmonies to “Mr. Tillman” and filling out what was already a pretty elaborate song. And Tillman brought his own charm and panache to the proceedings, delivering his self-reflexive lyrics with poise. Watch it below.

God’s Favorite Customer is out 6/1 on Sub Pop/Bella Union.