Foo Fighters Bring 8-Year-Old Drummer Onstage, Can’t Get Him To Leave

There’s a famous W.C. Fields quote: “Never work with animals or children.” Fields, the famous old-time Hollywood comedian, hated to be upstaged. But there’s another problem: Sometimes animals and children don’t know when to get the fuck off the stage. Dave Grohl learned that on Saturday night.

Saturday night was the final night of the Foo Fighters’ tour behind their Concrete & Gold album. On previous nights, their onstage guests have included Rivers Cuomo and John Travolta. But Cuomo and Travolta knew to leave the stage when their contributions were done. Last night, at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, an eight-year-old drummer named Little Fonzie did not get that message.

As Loudwire reports, Little Fonzie joined the band to play an extended drum solo, and every time it looked like he was finishing, he just kept going. This went on for several minutes while Dave Grohl publicly pondered the question how how they might get it to end. Grohl was in an unenviable position: He had to keep the show going, but he didn’t want to give the Sandman stage-hook to a small child. Sample stage patter: “I don’t know what to do. What are you going to do? There’s nothing we can do! We have a couple more songs we want to do. All right! Here we go! He’s still going.” (Taylor Hawkins: “We’re not a daycare.”)

When Little Fonzie finally finished playing, he went up to the front of the stage, shook Grohl’s hand, and then continued to stand there for a long time. Finally, Grohl said, “Hey, do you want a Coke? They’re right over there!” He ushered Little Fonzie offstage, and the show, finally, went on. Here’s the video:

And now you know just how easy it is to completely derail a Foo Fighters show.

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