Sales – “White Jeans”

Orlando duo Sales, who make a hushed and gorgeous form of indie-pop, released their self-titled debut a couple of years ago. Since then, they’ve mostly been releasing one-off songs like “Jamz” and “Off And On.” Today, they’ve come out with a new one called “White Jeans,” and it’s awfully pretty.

SALES’ version of indie-pop is soft and feathery, but it’s not the sort of reverby, dreamy, narcotized music that a band like Beach House might make. Instead, it’s spare and twinkly. It’s daytime music, music for a pleasant sunny afternoon. “White Jeans” surrounds Lauren Morgan’s voice with precise, tapped-out, possibly-synthetic drums and warmly spidery guitar lines.

“White Jeans” is a song about a flirtation: “You come on to me / At a cool party / This is not a test / This is not a dream.” It’s a starry-eyed, idealistic image of a connection forming, and back when mixtapes existed, this was the sort of thing you might’ve put on one of them if you were too hopelessly awkward to convey a crush any other way. Listen to it below.

You can buy “White Jeans” at Bandcamp. I think it’s pretty cool that they’re just releasing a song at a time rather than focusing on albums.

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