Thom Yorke Is An Action Hero In These Grindhouse-Style Radiohead Movie Posters

Thom Yorke is a scrawny little guy with a graying ponytail and a general sense of droopiness around him. This is fine. We will continue to like him anyway. In fact, maybe that’s part of the reason we continue to like him. But the truth remains: Thom Yorke does not look like someone who could snap Chuck Norris’ neck barehanded, or cover himself in mud to wrestle a Predator, or tie a firehose around his waist so that he could escape an explosion by jumping off the roof of a building. Thom Yorke is not an action hero. But we can pretend.

We last heard from the artist known as the Butcher Billy when he used the title of classic love songs as the inspiration for a series of fake pulp-horror book jackets. The Butcher Billy is at it again, and this time, he’s given us a series of parodies of classic action-movie posters (The Terminator, Die Hard, Cobra) and drawn Thom Yorke into them.

The Butcher Billy has done a remarkable job recreating the style of these old posters. He has also, delightfully, given them new taglines: “This is what you’ll get… when you mess with us.” Check out some of them below.

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He got an update on that eye! #thebutcherbilly #lastactionhero #yorke

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You can check out more of the “Thom Yorke: The Last Action Hero” series here. The No Retreat, No Surrender parody is a thing of beauty.