“Mans Not Hot” Gets A Sequel In “Man Don’t Dance”

SKRRRRAH-BAP-BAP-BAP! Big Shaq is back. UK comedian Michael Dapaah struck viral gold last year with “Mans Not Hot,” his utterly ridiculous, note-perfect grime parody full of nonsensical ad-libs about refusing to take off his enormous jacket. Why? Mans not hot, of course. (Perspiration ting.) Since then, Dapaah has ridden that success to a form of unlikely rap stardom, including an appearance at the BET Hip Hop Awards and a remix featuring Busta Rhymes. And now he’s returned to his Big Shaq character for an equally ridiculous sequel.

“Man Don’t Dance,” which includes even more nonsensical gun-sound ad-libs, is about refusing to dance with a woman. Why? Man don’t dance, of course. “She wanted to vibe, man don’t dance/ Looked in my eyes, man don’t dance/ One, two step, man don’t dance,” Dapaah raps. “Flex on your ex, man don’t dance/ She stepped on my creps, man don’t dance/ Touch my chest (louder), man don’t dance/ One, two step, man don’t dance/ Man don’t dance, man don’t dance.” Does man dance? No, man don’t dance.

Will “Man Don’t Dance” be another viral hit? It’s too early to say. But for now, increase the volume ting, go watch the royal wedding, and listen below. Just remember not to dance.

“Man Don’t Dance” is out now on Republic, which means that Big Shaq shares a label with Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and the Weeknd. Skidi-bap-bap-bap!