Jenn Champion – “Time To Regulate”

Jenn Champion, formerly of S and Carissa’s Wierd, is back with a neon purple track called “Time To Regulate.” It follows “O.M.G. (I’m All Over It)” as the second single off her forthcoming album, Single Rider, which will be the first LP she’s put out since abandoning the S moniker.

Along with the name change came a sonic one, too, into the realm of dance-y indie pop. Working with producer Brian Fennell (aka SYML), Champion achieves a kind of hi-fi anthemic pop sensibility on the new record, without losing any of her emotional gravitas.

“Time To Regulate” gives us a glimpse into what the upcoming album might sound like—one where Champion melds her confessional song writing style with a newfound foray into glossy electro pop grooves. In a sentence, Champion succinctly summed up this entire ethos: “Sometimes you are sad and you just want to dance about it.” It’s a good time; give it a listen below!

Single Rider is out 07/13 via Hardly Art, and you can pre-order it here.