Sleep – “Leagues Beneath”

Sleep arose from their slumber last month with the surprise release of The Sciences, the legendary stoner metal band’s first new album in over a decade. And it doesn’t seem like they plan on going back into hibernation, either, as they’ve just released another new song as the latest installment of Adult Swim’s singles series.

The last time Sleep took part in Adult Swim’s singles series was in 2014, when they gave us the very good 10-minute one-off “The Clarity.” For a while, it looked like that might be the last Sleep material we’d ever get. But then we got The Sciences and now we’re getting “Leagues Beneath.”

At nearly 17 minutes, “Leagues Beneath” may not be that long by Sleep standards — it’s no “Dopesmoker” — but it’s longer than “The Clarity” and longer than any track off of The Sciences. It’s also awesome, a cavernous, slow-burning mass of doomy riffs. Sink into it below.

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