Stream Sleep The Sciences

Stoner doom metal band Sleep haven’t released an album in 15 years. Their last LP, Dopesmoker, gained attention from enthusiasts of music and cannabis alike, so a weed-centered holiday seems like the appropriate time for a comeback. The Sciences is Sleep’s first new material since their one-off 2014 Adult Swim single, “The Clarity,” which they recorded after a period of pursuing external projects.

The album is 53 minutes of their signature sludge and heavy haze, just seven minutes short of their last epic. Its opening title track entrances you with a tangle of feedback and distortion, leading into five explosive songs. While Dopesmoker plays like one long trip, The Sciences works in dynamic, robust chunks. Apparently, the NorCal trio was offered a deal from London Records to record Dopesmoker, but the label turned it down when Sleep refused to edit or break up the one long song that makes up the entire album. I guess they have recently learned to compromise, given the new album’s six-song track list. Listen to The Sciences below.

The Sciences is out now via Third Man Records.

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