Maggie Rogers – “Fallingwater”

Maggie Rogers – “Fallingwater”

Maggie Rogers just released her soft new single “Fallingwater” produced by collaborator Rostam Batmanglij (formerly of Vampire Weekend). The track starts off with a pulsing backbeat that fits right in with the electronic-pop of her debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading and last year’s single “Split Stones.” It tumbles and whooshes, but the electronica eventually melts into the background, consumed by Rogers’ gentle, folksy voice and a piano.

On this song, Rogers’ nature references are in full force, and her singer-songwriter foundation comes out in lyrics like: “Now I’m in a creek/ And it’s getting harder/ I’m like falling water.” Listen below.

In typical Rogers fashion — aka a handwritten note shared on Twitter — she speaks of the song’s vulnerability and duality. It acts as both a cry for help and a battle cry in the face of her rapid transition into fame. Read it below.

Maggie Rogers
CREDIT: Olivia Bee

“Fallingwater” is out now.

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