Watch Courtney Barnett Perform “Nameless, Faceless” With The Breeders

Courtney Barnett and the Breeders have some history together. Obviously, the heavier guitar-rock side of Barnett’s sound shares more than a little DNA with what the alt-rock legends were doing in the ’90s, and she covered the Breeders’ iconic hit “Cannonball” in 2014 and appeared on the Talkhouse’s podcast with Kim Deal the following year. Barnett went on to provide backing vocals on “Howl At The Summit,” one of the songs from the Breeders’ new album All Nerve, their first in 10 years, and Kim and Kelley Deal returned the favor by lending their vocals to a few songs on Barnett’s new album Tell Me How You Really Feel.

One of the Courtney Barnett songs that the Deal Sister appear on is “Nameless, Faceless,” the album’s stomping, propulsive lead single. And at the Belfast edition of BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend festival in Ireland yesterday, at which both Barnett and the Breeders were scheduled to perform, they joined forces during Barnett’s set to play “Nameless, Faceless” together.

Kim and Kelley Deal were clearly very happy to be there — grinning the entire time, shimmying to the music, laughing, and even flashing a thumbs ups to the audience at one point. They took care of the backing vocals while Barnett and her band rocked out, and you can watch their performance together below via Pitchfork.