Blushh – “I’m Over It”

Shab Ferdowsi’s power-pop project Blushh is back with “I’m Over It,” the second single off her forthcoming Thx 4 Asking EP. The first single, “Do I Look Tired?,” which debuted earlier this month, was a fiery assertion of independence. This new track is fueled with the same anger, but it’s tangled up in a more intense, emotional pain. Ferdowsi’s drowning in feelings.

Ferdowsi seems to have an affinity for straightforward titles and lyrics; she doesn’t sugarcoat it. In fact, it feels like she actively tries not to. The song opens with the stinging, bitter line: “It’s not fine/ It never was.” And the chorus is a crash of fuzz underneath Ferdowsi’s cries of “I’m over it!” I don’t know if she’s really “over it” at this point in time, but it’s clear she has the power to pick herself back up again. She succeeds in giving some of her blazing power to the listener as well. Check out “I’m Over It” below.

Thx 4 Asking is out 6/15 on Yellow K Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Ruth Torres
Tags: Blushh