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gobbinjr is the project of Emma Witmer, a New York-based musician who makes witty pop music that interrogates some of the trickier aspects of growing up. Her new album, ocala wick, will be out next week and we’ve already heard several singles: “fake bitch,” “november 163,” and “afraid of me.”

Witmer’s greatest asset as a songwriter is her sense of humor. On “afraid of me” she sings about going about the day-to-day stoned, trying and failing to get a little bit closer to an acquaintance. Her songs are titled things like “zitty mcgee” and “whydoistillcare,” not to mention the aforementioned “fake bitch.” The silly veneer starts to chip away, though, when you get into some of the music’s darker lyrical content. Listen to ocala wick in full below.

ocala wick is out 6/8 via Topshelf Records.

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