Stream Payroll Giovanni 4-1P

One of the strongest, most underrated rap albums of the year thus far is Big Bossin, Vol. 2, the full-length team-up between Detroit street-rap veteran Payroll Giovanni and all-star producer Cardo. That LP is practically a concept album; it’s nothing but Payroll Giovanni riding smooth, throwbacky West Coast-style beats. But Payroll, who came up with the local-hero crew LEP Bogus Boys, doesn’t just do that style. And on his new self-produced album 4-1P, we hear a very different Payroll.

On 4-1P, Payroll gets tense and hardbitten, flexing and telling drug-trade stories over cold, unadorned, propulsive Midwest beats. There are no famous guests on the album, but there are plenty of Detroit associates. And the album punches hard. It’s the kind of thing that could easily get lost in the recent avalanche of big-name rap releases, but I would strongly advise you to give it a shot. You can use Spotify to stream it below.

The self-released 4-1P is out now.