Kenny Loggins Talks Up “Danger Zone (2019)” For Top Gun Sequel

Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” is as corny, iconic, and bad-ass as the movie it soundtracked, Top Gun. The song was a huge success following Top Gun’s premiere in 1986. It was the hallmark of the movie’s soundtrack, which was a best-seller when it came out. Now, Tom Cruise and Loggins are back for the sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

Loggins recounts a conversation with Cruise to TMZ: “He said, ‘Of course, we have to use ‘Danger Zone.’” Loggins seemed genuinely thrilled to talk to the reporter. He continues, “I’d love to work with, well, there’s young and then there’s young. We have some feelers out to some pretty cool rock acts.” He couldn’t reveal any more details except “the rockers that I’m interested in are male.” That narrows it down! He also wants to do a “walk-on” in the movie or “even just a photo bomb.” Watch below.