Stream Snail Mail’s Lush, One Of The Best Albums Of 2018 So Far

Stream Snail Mail’s Lush, One Of The Best Albums Of 2018 So Far

Let’s talk about how great the new Snail Mail album is — because Lush, out today on Matador, is ridiculously, monumentally great.

Maybe you have some inkling of just how great after hearing early singles “Pristine,” “Heat Wave,” and “Let’s Find An Out” — each of them revealing a new dimension of Lindsey Jordan’s luminescent indie rock. Maybe, after we ranked it all the way up at #3 on our list of 2018’s best albums so far, your anticipation reached fever pitch. That would be the correct response. And now your anticipation has been rewarded: Lush is available to stream worldwide.

Jordan, 19, is one of the more prodigious songwriters in recent memory. Her tunes are direct yet artful, each melody beaming brightly with an emotional clarity to match, always undergirded by gorgeously economic guitar work derived from the classics of her genre. (Jordan rode for Mark Kozelek and Alvvays in our interview, but I hear a lot of Sonic Youth in there too.) So: She sings, she shreds, she wistfully emotes about romance on the precipice of adulthood — all of it streamlined in a way that serves the song above all else.

That restraint may be the real genius of Lush: Not only has she distilled youthful melancholy to its powerful essence, she knows how to rein it in and let it rip at just the right moment. I mean, just wait until you get to “Full Control,” maybe the album’s best song and its defining principle. It’s almost obscenely simple, but only an accomplished writer on Jordan’s order would be able to translate it into such a euphoric rush. One minute you’re cruising along on moody waves of guitar, and then out of nowhere this titanic chorus rolls in. Her voice shoots heavenward, and you achieve liftoff along with it. With Lush, Jordan’s young career is headed the same direction.

The album is ready for you below; please enjoy.

Lush is out now on Matador.

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