Deafheaven – “Canary Yellow”

Y’all read our new Deafheaven cover story yet? It’s arguably the most in-depth look at the band’s story yet, one that will get you plenty amped for their new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love — not that you needed any further enticement to listen to the latest from one of metal’s most reliably awesome ensembles.

One line in the article compares the LP to Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, the expansive and ambitious Smashing Pumpkins blockbuster. The comparison rings true if you’ve heard lead single “Honeycomb” — even more so when you encounter today’s 12-minute epic “Canary Yellow.” Except rather than jamming baroque piano ballads and aggro distortion bombs and gnarled art-rock and wistful guitar-pop excursions next to each other on a lengthy tracklist, Deafheaven puts them in the same song.

In the case of “Canary Yellow” that means absolute prettiness worthy of a late ’90s Built To Spill album cascading into bracing melodic post-hardcore and on down into the depths of blackgaze hell, then resurrecting as a classic rock anthem with an almost choral group sing-along undergirding George Clarke’s throat-shredding skree. Enjoy!

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is out 7/13 on Anti-.

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