Angelo De Augustine – “Carcassone”

Angelo De Augustine – “Carcassone”

Angelo De Augustine has a quiet way of expressing volumes. In an era when things can feel a bit too loud, De Augustine’s hushed strumming and spiderwebby vocals are a welcome refuge from the noise.

He’s been a Stereogum favorite since his whispery 2014 debut album Spirals of Silence. In 2017, the 25-year-old California native captivated us with his second full-length album, Swim Inside the Moon, a collection of sparse, lo-fi guitar ballads and his first release for Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty imprint. His new, limited edition 7″ is out this month.

Carcassonne is a medieval fortress town in southern France and the namesake of De Augustine’s new single. He wrote the tender song for his first love, who always wanted to visit the city. It’s a simple and romantic track, sweet but not saccharine. Lyrically, “Carcassonne” keeps with the tradition of De Augustine’s intimate songwriting style. Over warm, diffuse guitar playing, De Augustine murmurs, “For a few weeks I’ll be obligated to play my songs and travel on the road/ All I want when I get back home is to see your face and lie with you alone.”

De Augustine offered a sentimental story behind the song:

I was coincidentally about to go on my first EU tour [when she told me about it] but I didn’t have enough funds to bring her along with me, so I wrote this song for her so that she could go to Carcassonne anytime she’d like.

Listen below.

“Carcassonne” is out worldwide on 6/29. You can pre-order the sky blue 7″, limited to 500 copies, through Asthmatic Kitty Records.

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