Alice Glass – “Mine” Video (Feat. Violet Chachki)

Alice Glass released her debut solo EP last year — we named it one of the greatest EPs from 2017 — and at the beginning of this year she put out another new track, “Cease And Desist.”

Today, she’s sharing another new song, “Mine,” that comes attached to a music video that was directed by Lucas David. It stars drag queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 winner Violet Chachki as a devious tea party attendee, who ends up killing Glass with a poisoned cup. Or at least so it seems…

“‘Mine’ is about someone who hurts themselves in an attempt to regain control of of their own life and experiences,” Glass said in a statement. “It’s a form of self-sacrifice and also an act of personal freedom for someone who feels completely out of control. I do not condone self-harm, but like a lot of my music ‘Mine’ is about my struggle with coming out of an intensely abusive relationship. In the ritual of hurting myself or taking something from myself I am at the very least in control of that act, when in so many other aspects of my life I felt hopeless.”

Watch and listen below.

“Mine” is out now.