Flasher – “Who’s Got Time?” Video

The Washington, DC trio Flasher released their debut album, Constant Image, at the beginning of the month. It came in at #4 on our Best Albums Of 2017 So Far list, we named it Album Of The Week, and we did a feature on the band, so suffice to say the Stereogum staff are big fans.

They just released a video for early single “Who’s Got Time?,” which was directed by Adinah Dancyger. It starts with three figures in Hazmat suits searching the woods, encountering the Flasher bandmates wrapped in nets and wearing futuristic goggles. The twist? They’re being searched for by themselves. Whether it’s some clone or time travel or evil twin scenario it’s left ambigious, but what is apparent that their discovery leaves the Hazmat trio reeling. There’s also some burger buns involved.

Watch below.

Constant Image is out now via Domino.